Welcome to my Macalister timeline!

This timeline was originally put together in effort to get a handle on the huge amount of information that I was given when I took over as historian for the Clan McAlister of America in 1997, and to put that information into its proper context in the history of Scotland (and Ireland), which is my background. I’ve been revising it pretty much continuously since then as new information and sources come to my attention. Inevitably, there will be errors. If you spot one, please direct me to a legitimate historical source that supports your argument: I won’t change something just because somebody doesn’t like it, but I am always open to new information that challenges or refines what I’ve already got.

Note on spelling of names

Gaelic names have created an astonishing variety of anglicized spellings, and the spelling of surnames did not become formalized until quite recently. I have tried to use the spelling preferred by individuals in the timeline where this is known. Where it is not, or where the spelling had not yet been established, I have generally used the Gaelic form. Direct quotes from my sources, however, retain the spellings found in the original text.

Compilation/Commentary © 2009-2015 by Lynn McAlister, MA, FSA (Scot)

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